Why telecomputing?

We deliver, manage and maintain various IT telephony services which will help you to effectively communicate within your organisation or even outside your organisation. We setup different branches and departments for ease of communication. Any one can be only one or two button pushes away.


Our Tele Computing Services

Network Consulting

Here at 111 IT we provide consultation service for all your networking and technological needs. From bugs during setting up to comprehensive system diagnosis, we do it all.

PBX solutions

PBX, which stands for Private Branch Exchange is a private telephone network used within a company. We will help establish these phone systems which will share a number of outside lines in order to make external phone calls.


VOIP, Voice over Internet Protocol is a methodology and group of technologies for voice communications with the customers through automated machines in your company. We install VOIP for your company so that the proper customers are redirected to the proper people through automated voice method.

Data and Voice Solutions

We also design, install and maintain services for data and voice solutions, specializing in voice communication solution to deliver a comprehensive voice service to local and remote users across your extended IP service.

Business Phone Solutions

We offer phone solutions for your business and industry at a wholesale time.