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Network consulting

111 IT is well known for all your networking and technological needs. Weather its a system diagnosis or bugs we fix all things.

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Server solutions

Our highly qualified team of engineers will design, install, configure and setup servers that will help our clients in growing the business as well operate smoothly with the peace of mind. The design of the system will depend on factors such as: • Network Traffic levels • Wireless provider • Remote desktop environment • Server farms • Number of desktop users

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Network Design

Our CISCO and Microsoft certified engineers will provide you the complete networking solution in a package as per the requirements. Our engineers will access, design and setup networks with the recommendations and equipment regarding the whole process of networking. We also provide equipment such as Routers, switches, firewall, servers, cabling, with an effort to simply the process for our clients and process the data more efficiently and effectively.

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VOIP & PBX Solution

Need a VOIP? We are the right person to provide a solution to your need.

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Home Security

We also provide services, equipment and parts regarding the CCTV surveillances system. Our HD quality CCTV will help you monitor your home and office 24/7 with local record setup. It can be monitored via Mobile phone, laptop or desktop anytime of day or night that will give you a peace of mind providing solution of online system.

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