Cloud Computing

What is the cloud?

The cloud is just a buzzword. It is a physical infrastructure, it compromises of physical servers housed in massive warehouses all around the globe. since the servers are spread out around the world, the accessibility and speed is reliable and faster. Cloud is the future of computing. One of its main advantages is that it can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have the credentials to access it.

Advantages you ask?

Advantages of cloud includes the possibility for a mobile workforce and the innovation it brings. Our cloud consultation and services enable you to use this mobility and the innovation to its fullest potential through the creative and sustainable cloud solutions implemented by our team of experienced cloud architects and infrastructure technologists. We also make sure to scale the service in range of your requirement so that you only have to pay for the resources and features that you need. Our cloud services enables you to move your business to the cloud, all the while keeping accessibility, resources, features and the protection of your data a priority.


Our Cloud Services

Exchange Server

Another Microsoft creation that is indispensable in a business or administrative offices is the Microsoft Exchange server. Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server and calendaring server that proves fast, reliable and easy-to-use service through clustering and high availability. Our technicians provide the service of installation of the exchange server in your businesses so that the mail service through your organization is fast and reliable in order to keep inconvenience as far away as possible. We also provide maintenance and consulting service for the anything related to the Exchange Server.

Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s subscription plan which enables you and your business to have the latest of Microsoft office suite, across all of your devices. Microsoft office has become a staple in the administrative offices of all kinds of industries and organizations around the world. From writing word documents, making spreadsheets to simple notetaking, Microsoft office suite provides the complete and the best of those experiences. At 111 IT, we provide the installation of office 365 for a cut price. We make sure that you get all the advantages of the office 365 products- from 1TB One Drive storage to 60 minutes skype calling per month so that your business is more portable and standardized.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud combines the public cloud provider with a private cloud platform designed by us for your organization in order to improve the security features of the cloud-based storage. Hybrid cloud is a staple across the world’s leading businesses and industries in order to maintain a firm security blanket over their information and also have potentially unlimited storage and accessibility. Our team of IT professionals are intent to help you to the accessibility and security brought by hybrid cloud system, which will reduce access time and latency compared to public cloud services, while providing security several times that of the public cloud service.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications is an integral part of any organization and business. Designed specifically to satisfy the needs of the organization, enterprise applications are designed to complete a lot of vital tasks for the organization. These applications and tasks include online shopping, online payment processing, automated billing systems and many more similarly specialized tasks. We provide the service of installing the enterprise applications to suit the need of your organization and industry.